For your convenience, this note is short and brief. And in your own time, you might want to explore the dental implant procedure north charleston practices do in a lot more detail. This suggestion, by the way, comes highly recommended by qualified and practicing dental practitioners in any case. But for the time being, here’s your brief info. It all depends. Some dental implant procedures can be completed on the very day that the initial consultation is done.

dental implant procedure north charleston

But in usual but complex cases, it could even take up to two years to complete the entire process. It could be a long journey to be sure but rest assured that should you qualify for dental implants it will be well worth the wait. Sadly though, not everyone qualifies. These are those poor folks whose teeth have decayed quite badly. They’ve also got rotten habits to contend with, like smoking for instance. And they might also be suffering from life-threatening diseases such as diabetes.

Of course, it’s only life-threatening if you’re not going in for treatment. Now, after you lose an actual tooth, preparations still need to be made. For instance, if your jaw bone alignment is not adequate for a tooth implant, a bone graft will need to be done. This takes a few weeks to complete and then still further will be a few weeks of healing time. When it comes to dental implant procedures there’s no one size fits all process.

It’s fully customized treatment, to be sure. One last matter because that’s on the mind of a lot of folks right now. The cost. Too bad if you don’t have a comprehensive medical plan. Actually, no, because affordable payment plans can now be utilized.